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Chimney Stack Repairs and Refurbishments

Traditionally chimney stacks were built from bricks and lined with a lime mortar mix known as pargeting, later stacks were fitted with specially manufactured clay flue liners, whilst contemporary stacks are built with a fire and chemical resistant refractory or ceramic liner.

All working chimneys suffer deteriation due to old age, chemical attack, high temperatures and external weather systems. They can also become blocked by soot and creosote, bird's, bee's and wasp's nests, spider's webs, squirrel's drays and other vermin.

Old masonry chimneys in period houses which have previously been used for open coal fires, are likely to be porous, leaky or breached. This can affect the pull of the fire and emit smoke, dangerous fumes, carbon monoxide and other products of combustion into your property. Breached brickwork and previous inappropriate building alterations can also allow flames and raw heat near combustible materials, all leading to possible disastrous and fatal consequences.

The interior flues within stacks are relined, whilst externally the brickwork is repointed, new terminals added and any structural defects rectified.

Take Note: ChimneyPots, cowls and terminals all come in different materials, grades, sizes and specifications. All are required to be compatible with your chimney flue and also to comply with Regulations for their particular use.

We are a Birmingham based family business with over 25 years experience in the specialist fields of fires, flues, and chimneys for smoke control areas. We are happy to travel throughout the UK, and would be pleased to discuss any specific projects or requirements, clients may have.


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