If you have a wood fire or woodburning stove you will be creating wood smoke and creosote!

If you burn wood on an open fire or in a woodburning or multifuel stove, by the very nature of the fuel, you will be creating smoke containing wood tar creosote. The lower the temperature of the fire and the higher the moisture content of the wood, the greater amounts of creosote you will be producing.

Smoke and Creosote is made up of the unburned natural resins, waxes and oils in the wood, plus steam and ash from the surface of the log, it also contains noxtious poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide. This toxic cocktail of fumes rises slowly through a cold flue depositing layers of flammable creosote material on the inner walls of the chimney. With many fires over a short period of time, this material can build into a thick highly combustible material, which can ignite explosively and cause a serious uncontrollable chimney fire.

It is essential anyone planning to install and use a woodburning stove also learns of the consequences of not dealing with smoke and creosote. Here are a few simple tips to keep you safe and help you cope with using wood as a heat producing fuel source

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Be Aware!

Professionally installed liners for woodburning, solid fuel and gas fires are required by law to comply with current Building Regulations and Health and Safety requirements.

Only use a specially trained and registered HETAS or GAS SAFE Heating Engineer to carry out such work.

For further details about the different types and styles of woodburning stoves and fireplaces available, please visit www.fireplaceexperts.co.uk