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Chimney cowls, rainwater and bird guards

As can be seen from this old advertisement, cowls have been fitted to chimneys for over 100 years, and are designed to overcome traditional as well as modern everyday problems. They may be fitted for numerous reasons.

Chimneys in old houses suffer deteriation due to age and chemical attack and the fitting of an inappropriate chimney cowl or pot can worsen the situation, leading to potentially dangerous events.

Left uncapped, disused chimneys are prone to a number of major problems arising from exposure to the elements and blockage by nesting birds. Fitting a cap provides instant protection against these problems, potentially saving hundreds of pounds on costly repairs.

Top offer specialist advice on the correct type of chimney pot and cowl required as well as offering a full installation service.

Take Note: ChimneyPots, cowls and terminals all come in different materials, grades, sizes and specifications. All are required to be compatible with your chimney flue and also to comply with Regulations for their particular use.

We are a Birmingham based family business with over 25 years experience in the specialist fields of fires, flues, and chimneys for smoke control areas. We are happy to travel throughout the UK, and would be pleased to discuss any specific projects or requirements, clients may have.


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We Supply:

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  • Chimney Cowls and Balloons to reduce draughts
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