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What to do after a Chimney Fire

Hindsight is a great teacher and none more so than for those who have suffered from the experience of a chimney fire. Chimney fires can burn at temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees centigrade, enough to crack mortar, deform brickwork, ignite and degrade adjacent timber structures, cause liners to collapse, and introduce structural instability into previously sound chimney stacks and roofs.

Chimney fires are not just confined to open fires but may have been as easily started by the flammable residues deposited by woodburning or multifuel stoves with integrated flue systems. Many of these residues are still in situ even after a serious chimney fire and must be dealt with before any further fires are kindled.

Certain conditions probably encouraged the problem; oversized appliances, overloading of burning areas, restricted air supply, unseasoned wood, bitumous coals, cold chimney temperatures (especially external wall chimneys), and inappropriate fuels are all factors that may be attributed to the cause of a chimney fire.

Add to all of this the emotional trauma of a trip from the fire brigade and it is easy to see why the only way for future peace of mind is a via a thorough survey, inspection and written report by a qualified Building Surveyor and Chimney Engineer. The average repair costs for a household fire is currently in excess of £24,000 and Home Insurers insist on a policy holders "due diligence" in order for the insurance cover to be continued.

We are a Birmingham based family business with over 25 years experience in the specialist fields of fires, flues, and chimneys for smoke control areas. We are happy to travel throughout the UK, and would be pleased to discuss any specific projects or requirements, clients may have.

Chimney Repairs after a Chimney Fire


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Be Aware!

Professionally installed liners for woodburning, solid fuel and gas fires are required by law to comply with current Building Regulations and Health and Safety requirements.

Only use a specially trained and registered HETAS or GAS SAFE Heating Engineer to carry out such work.

For further details about the different types and styles of woodburning stoves and fireplaces available, please visit www.fireplaceexperts.co.uk